December 13, 2022

8 Best Corporate Gifts to Kick off the New Year

A New Year brings new goals and opportunities in both business and our personal lives. It is also a great time to send corporate gifts to strengthen relationships and keep your brand top of mind. Whether you are looking to set your employees up for success in the new year or gift your clients to say thanks, we’ve gathered the top items that your recipients will actually want to use throughout the new year (and after).

Blue Light Glasses

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In this digital age, we are constantly staring at screens whether it be our phones, tablets, TVs, or computers. Overexposure to blue light has been linked to chronic fatigue, headaches, and eye strain, making it difficult to focus and get through the workday or get a good night’s sleep. In fact, medical studies suggest that prolonged exposure to blue light may cause permanent damage to our eyes. Blue light glasses make a great gift for anyone in this day and age, especially during the New Year when people are making goals to prioritize their health.  

Sunrise Alarm Clock

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The way you wake up really sets the tone for your day. Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm that ultimately leads to you hitting the snooze button ten times and a raging headache, opt for a more natural approach. Sunrise alarm clocks are a fan-favorite and for good reason; they help you to wake up naturally by mimicking a gradual sunrise. Research suggests that appropriately timed exposure to light can reset the sleep-wake cycle, helping people get up at a chosen time. Light therapy has also been shown to improve alertness and reduce grogginess during the day. Gift your people a tool that will not only improve their mornings but also aid them during the cold and dark winter months when getting out of bed can be the ultimate challenge.

Weekender Bag

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A New Year means new trips! Make sure your employees or clients are ready for whatever opportunities the New Year might bring them with a fresh new weekend bag. Whether they are driving or need something sleek to hold their personal items for a flight, this gift is a must. We love this everyday duffle from Paravel. It folds up flat and zips into a barely-there pouch and comes with the option of customizable embroidery.

Versatile Charging Dock

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The perfect addition to any desk (or nightstand). Gift your people a stylish dual charging stand that they’ll use every day. If practical gifting is your goal for the new year, then look no further. This design-inspired charger from Courant is perfect for a recipe stand while in the kitchen, staying on top of important calls in the office, and most importantly, avoiding a low battery.

Massaging Gun

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Like most people, we like to start our new year’s resolutions by getting back on our fitness goals. Give your people the gift of muscle recovery with a powerful massage gun that packs up nicely in a convenient case so it’s easy to grab n’ go.

Air Purifier

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Did you know that the air quality in your office can significantly impact your employees’ productivity levels and focus? This year, give the gift of clean air with an air purifier that helps combat brain fog and fatigue. We love Molekule Air’s sleek and stylish models that destroy pollutants everywhere, all while making an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or office.

Standing Desk

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Research has linked sitting for extended periods of time with some serious health concerns such as obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and more. Not to mention it can really take a toll on your back. One of the best gifts your can give your employees, clients, and yourself this year is a standing desk. Show your people that you value their health (both physical and mental) by giving them the ultimate workspace upgrade. Whether they are returning to the office or working from home, you can’t miss with this gift.

Balance Boards & Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Do your recipients already have a standing desk? Get them its perfect pairing that will not only help keep things fun, but also keep them active, alert, comfortable, and happy throughout the work day. FluidStance has two great designs out right now that will be perfect for whatever you need! Are you looking to boost office morale in 2023 and create a more fun and fresh work environment? Then these boards and mats are your answer. (Pst, they also work great for WFH offices too).

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