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Our capabilities cover everything you'll need for an end-to-end marketing campaign. From printed collateral and branded merchandise to fulfillment and distribution, we've got you covered.

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Lahlouh Products

Whether you’re looking for digital, offset, or large format printing, we’ve got you covered.

A branded card and envelope
Direct Mail

From design and print to list management and presorting, we're here to help.

A selection of merch including a yoga mat, pencil case, notebook, and hat
Branded Merchandise

Our sourcing specialists ensure you get the highest quality items sourced and decorated on any budget.

Intricate hexagonal honey packaging
Package Design

With cutting-edge technology and a team of structural engineers, we create designs that reflect your brand and capture the attention of your consumers.

A mailer full of merch
Fulfillment & Distribution

Our seasoned team and digital footprint make distribution fast, easy, and affordable.

A computer screen displaying the Lahlouh website
Online Solutions

Empower your field users with state-of-the-art online pick and pack fulfillment or web-to-print ordering solutions.


We’re obsessed with quality printing. Our state-of-the-art print floor and cutting edge technology, combined with our dedication to impeccable craft, gives you a tailored result that sets you apart. We are sticklers for checking every box. In addition to ensuring that we’re always in compliance, our deep commitment to integrity allows us to guarantee precision and dependability.

Lahlouh Products
A print materials collection
Offset Printing

Offset printing provides accurate color reproduction and crisp professional look. It is best suited for economically producing large volumes of high quality prints. We offer both conventional and UV inks.

Floating colorful calendar cards
Digital Printing

We offer print-on-demand, just-in-time, and variable data printing on our digital presses. Looking for something special? We offer metallic and clear inks that will make your project pop.

An open spiral-bound portfolio
Bindery & Finishing Services

From cutting and stitching to heat foil stamping and embossing, we have everything you need to help your flat printed sheets take shape.

Large Format Printing

Large format printing, also called wide format printing, refers to projects that require specialized printing equipment which will accommodate larger printing projects such as posters, store displays, banners, wall graphics, floor graphics, and large-scale advertisements. UV cured ink ensures your piece will be more durable and able to withstand elemental conditions such as rain, heat, and sunlight without incurring damage. You also have the flexibility to print on almost anything that will fit through the carrier of the printer including vinyl cloth, glass, wood, foam board, corrugated plastic, and metal.

No matter the project, large format printing can provide you with the benefits of durability as well as a large display area allowing your message and products to be eye-catching and provide you with the visibility you need to stand out.

A sweet strawberry hard seltzer standing displayAn illustrated wall graphic of a landscapeWavy colorful floor and wall graphics along a hallwayWindow graphics on a coffee shop exteriorArtisanal herbal tea packagingA Black Friday sale window displayA timeline wall graphic that spans across the corner of two walls

Direct Mail

From coast to coast and around the globe, we can get your direct mail to its destination with efficiency and optimal deliverability. As a high-volume, national mailing house, we offer multiple ways to save with shipping to NBCDs and SCFs, presort and commingling for added postal discounts, and manufacturing efficiencies when combined with our inventory management services.

From multiple locations to sophisticated data management, we have everything covered. ​We have created an automated system that allows for mechanical inserting, automated tabbing, and camera-match software. Our data processing team ensures your distribution lists are clean and no money is wasted on incorrect addresses. Our long standing partnership with USPS guarantees you get the best price.

Specialty techniques can help your mailers get opened. We can help you choose a special coating, customize your envelope with die-cut designs, or create a 3D piece with the help with our CAD design team.

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A spread of envelopes

Branded Merchandise

From concept through delivery, we can help you with every step. We have the skills and the relationships to make even the craziest ideas come to life.

Our merchandising experts can help you source the trendiest and most engaging promotional products on any budget. We keep an ear to the ground to learn about the newest offers first. Create something your recipients will want to keep forever.

For anything you’d like to source overseas, we have an office in Suzhou, China with Lahlouh team members who will personally quality control your project to ensure the end product matches your vision.

A branded charging station
Two people wearing branded clothing
A branded backpack
A branded picnic tote on a blanket in a field
A branded puffer jacket on a man riding a bicycle pulling a girl in a sled
A branded corkcicle mug
A branded shoulder bag
Branded scarves
A branded paper notebook
The inside of a warehouse

Fulfillment & Distribution Solutions

Our turn-key fulfillment and distribution services cover every step of the journey. With two warehouses, we offer all the inventory management and fulfillment solutions you could need with a national footprint that will help reduce freight costs and get to market faster. Our seasoned team and digital footprint make distribution fast, easy, and affordable. With print-on-demand and just-in-time inventory models, you can reduce obsolescence and save even more.

We have seamless integration with all major shipping and postal carriers. In conjunction with our online solutions, our inventory management system gives you on-demand insight and business intelligence. Explore cost-effective solutions with our inventory management solutions. ​Whether it's tracking inventory levels and product popularity or streamlining national and international distribution, everything you need is right here. Our inventory management system puts insights right at your fingertips.

Lahlouh is also registered with CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) and has been independently Certified to the requirements of USAD National Organic Program. As a certified Food Handler, we can receive and warehouse your pre-packaged food items to be assembled in your employee kits, customer kits, partner programs and more.

Package Design

Make an impact on the shelf, protect your product during shipment, and create an unforgettable un-boxing experience. Lahlouh combines structural expertise, skilled design, and full CAD capabilities to create the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Our award-winning packaging is shipping friendly, fearlessly inventive, and created from scratch to make your products shine. Our commitment to structural integrity, cost-effectiveness, and a memorable opening experience allow us to achieve your objectives by thinking inside and out of the box. 

Our design team is integrated with production, so we can move from prototyping to printing, assembly, and mailing seamlessly, no matter your form factor. We have a die shop in house, so we can control every step of the process.

Intricate hexagonal honey packaging

Online Solutions

Empower your field users with state-of-the-art online pick and pack fulfillment or web-to-print ordering solutions. Our full-service storefronts and third-party technology integrations make it easier to get everyone the materials they need quickly. Our expert team handles every aspect of every order, from first click to delivery. Your team will have fast access to the materials they need and support they can count on every step of the way with our real-time customer service team.

With more people working with hybrid or remote models, we make sending kits easy with our redemption sites. We can help communicate the message or provide you with templates to do it yourself. Collect personal information securely and easily with the guarantee that sensitive information will not be sold or repurposed for any reason. No matter your budget, we have a solution for you to reach your remote workers or any audience you target.

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