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BioTech & Life Sciences

Whether you’re looking for labeling and logistics support or want to make a big splash with a drug launch, the Lahlouh team can help.

We’ve supported highly regulated life science and biotech clients through everything from national sales and mid-year meetings to PI management and collateral production. Our comprehensive management services ensure we attend to every detail and can even include full-time onsite support as needed.

With brand management playing such a key role at pharma and biotech companies, we’ve developed deep expertise in revision management, auto-replenishment models, just-in-time material production, and 3D structural design and prototyping. And with our comprehensive fulfillment and warehouse management solutions, we can seamlessly adapt to your operational models and keep things moving forward. Lahlouh has worked with Biotech and & Life Science customers for 40+ years.

With years of partnership with our customers, we have learned how to make any product launch a success. Our team is dedicated to being an extension of your team, planning up to a year in advance to ensure no deadlines are missed.

Three doctors examining an x-ray
Health & Medical

Printed materials are a crucial part of the medical and health care system. Brochures, pamphlets, and packaging for medical devices are just a few examples of where print comes into play.

We work with customers across the board in the health & medical space to ensure they are able to educate their patients through every step of the process. Our structural engineers can make custom packaging for medical devices to ensure safe delivery and maximum functionality. Combine custom packaging with supplementary printed materials and branded merchandise and you have everything you need to.

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Banking & Finance

For day-to-day marketing needs, seasonal programs, branch openings, or complex pack-outs, the team at Lahlouh understands the urgency of your needs and your security concerns.

Our national footprint can support you every step of the way, from design and production to ordering and distribution. We take a conscientious approach to handling all types of data and renew our SOC-ll yearly to ensure the privacy of your information.

While our portals and API-integrated warehouse management solutions make ordering easy for your team members, we always prioritize secure data handling. Plus, you will have the convenience of custom reports and a robust business analytics dashboard to track spending, usage, trends, and more.

Hands coding on a laptop

From creating high impact opportunities at events to making real world waves with compelling direct mail, Lahlouh helps tech companies make their mark.

We have the end-to-end capabilities to design, produce, and distribute everything you need to connect, communicate, and create a buzz.

We help customers utilize direct mail to create highly targeted campaigns that increase their brand exposure. Combining digital and printed marketing efforts is the winning formula to stay top of mind with your key demographics.

Technology companies have revolutionized the world of corporate branded merchandise. Traditional items such as pens and water bottle shave been supplemented by high-end retail products that we decorate with logos to give the end-user a true gift experience. Our sourcing specialists love hearing from tech companies who want to make their merchandise as vibrant as their company culture. 

Colorful jackets displayed on a rack in a retail store

Creating materials that make an impact in your stores is a deep point of pride here at Lahlouh.

We support store openings, seasonal programs, complex pack-outs, and national distribution. Our large format capabilities can take your store displays to the next level, printing on everything from plastic and wood to tile. Transform your space into an experience. Our web-based portals make it easy for branch locations to self-serve with mobile-enabled ordering and replenishment.

We can give you custom reporting and business analytics dashboards to help you analyze spend, usage, and trends for ongoing optimization. Whether you have one location or 500+ we have solutions that work for you. We have an eye for detail that is unmatched, so if your locations have unique details, we can manage it all. 

A woman's eye make-up
Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty & personal care have taken on a new life as innovative products hit the market.

As organic, clean, eco-friendly products have come into the market, the competition has never been stronger. Packaging has helped differentiate products and catch consumers' attention when walking through the aisles of a store or scrolling through e-commerce sites. ​Another avenue that has emerged is the influencer kit and we are all about it.

Beautiful design, experiential packaging, and the WOW factor have all contributed to the fun we have with our clients when working on these kits together. Our bindery and finishing services allow for maximum customization through foil, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and everything in between. 

A collection of colorful macarons
Food & Beverage

Print and packaging play a large part in the food & beverage sector, as they can impact consumers’ choices.

Lahlouh offers everything from custom kits and boxes and UV printing to specialty techniques and materials that take your experience to the next level. Don't let prefabricated boxes limit you, we will take your vision and make it a reality.  

We work with food and beverage companies to make their packaging and marketing materials as high quality as their products. Consumable products are all about the experience, the story, and the artisan behind the product. We work closely with customers to bring that essence into their marketing materials.  

Lahlouh is also registered with CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) and has been independently Certified to the requirements of USAD National Organic Program. As a certified Food Handler, we can receive and warehouse your pre-packaged food items to be assembled in your employee kits, customer kits, partner programs and more.

A phone screen displaying the definition of design.
Designers & Agencies

We work closely with design agencies to take 2D designs and transform them into a tangible product.

Designers are the visionaries that help bring our customers’ goals to life. We have worked with design agencies across the country on anything from PR kits and large format graphic campaigns to a comprehensive print campaign with matching branded merchandise. Together we push the boundaries of what is possible to give the end client the best results. 

An open book

Education can take many forms these days, but even online courses benefit from supplementary printed materials.

Studies show that reading in print improves the understanding of information, as well as memory and recall, which is essential for the education of people of all ages, but especially for young people. We work with education clients to provide them with everything they need to provide effective communication materials to their students.

From wire-o books and booklets to folders with specific course materials, our services can help you deliver your vision. Reach your audience through a combination of digital and direct mail strategies to get the best ROI (return on investment). We have the experts you need to build effective campaigns.

A girl holding up a large map
Travel & Leisure

There may be an endless supply of resources online, but people still flock to information centers in search of what to do and where to go.

No matter how easy it is to search on Google or Yelp, people still want travel information on-hand and ready to go. Tourists want to feel secure, safe, and in control of their time, especially when visiting uncharted territories. Tri-fold brochures, maps, and booklets can excite your customers and help them envision their trip before they leave.

Beautifully designed and printed materials to entice and inform travelers can be the difference between whether they choose your service or not. With today’s travel landscape, quality print materials can reassure customers of your safety practices and inform them of the initiative you are taking to keep them safe.

A metal worker sending sparks flying

Keep your employees and customers safe and organized with branded guides, manuals, and operational forms.

Save money by printing at scale and managing bulk inventory with our inventory management systems. Utilize our online services to streamline your re-ordering process and set minimum quantity alerts. As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand that personal branding is an important part of the process. Be prepared for a return to in-person trade shows with large format signage, pop-up banners, tablecloths and printed informational materials.

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