September 27, 2023

Benefits of Including a Postcard

Including a postcard in a corporate gift can offer several benefits and help to strengthen your campaign and message. By incorporating a print element, you unlock the power of tangibility that simply cannot be replicated by any other marketing media. Whether your goal is to create a personalized message, share information, or simply help to build a relationship, print can help you take your campaign to the next level. Read on to see how postcards can help you strengthen your next campaign.

Personalize your Message

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A postcard gives you the opportunity to personalize your message and adds a personal touch. It allows you to connect with your recipient in a way that makes them feel seen rather than just another faceless contact on your mailing list. Use your postcard to express gratitude, appreciation, or simply wish them well. Consider adding their name or a special birthday message. You could also get creative and utilize the data that you have collected and thank them for being a loyal customer for X amount of years. Whatever you want to communicate, postcards offer the perfect place to do so. Here’s a retail example of how postcards can add a personalized touch. (We do not currently work with Mejuri)

Sharing Information

Are you looking to share more information about your business or promote a new product launch? Postcards are the perfect place to share bits of information with your customers. Print has been shown to hold readers attention for longer than digital and has the highest recall rates. Use postcards to highlight key features, updates, new services, upcoming events, or other important information with your customers.

Do you have a lot to share? Consider opting for a multi-channel approach and include a QR code that directs your customers to your website, a short video clip, a how-to video, or more information online. After all, print and digital media are strongest when paired together.

Make it Memorable

With postcards, you have the opportunity to create something that can have a long lifespan whereas with digital media, it will inevitably get lost in the online abyss almost immediately. There’s something about the tangibility of print that is unmatched. People love to hold, feel, and sometimes even hang up creative artwork. If you are looking to get some serious visibility, bring on your best designers and create something that can earn a place in someone’s home and help to increase your brand recall.

Building Relationships

Corporate gifts are often given as a way to strengthen relationships with clients, partners, or employees. Incorporating postcards allows your business to communicate your desire for continued collaboration or connection. Encourage your recipients to follow your business on social media or to sign up for your newsletter to increase engagement and help you to stay top of mind.

Reinforce Brand Identity

Help reinforce your brand identity by utilizing postcards as a marketing tool. Postcards are a great place to include some key branding elements like your company’s logo, color palette, mission statement, and more. It’s the perfect place to remind your recipients of what separates you from the competition or to highlight your key values as a business.

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