February 7, 2022

4 Ways to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

What is an unboxing experience?      

 An unboxing experience describes the moment your customers and clients open your special package to unveil what is inside. Compared to a simple corrugated box or poly mailer, an unboxing experience creates the same giddy and excited feelings that are associated with opening a present on your birthday or Christmas morning. Who doesn’t love gifts?! Even if it is from yourself. 


A recent survey from Dotcom Distribution found that 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an e-retailer that delivers orders in premium packaging. 


Why is an unboxing experience so important? 

Creating an unboxing experience for your customers is an excellent marketing strategy. All the careful thought and details that go into preparing these unboxing experiences make a lasting impression on customers and can help encourage them to come back for more. The goal is to make customers feel special and seen by the company that they are choosing to purchase from, which results in increased brand loyalty.  


Studies show that 4 in 10 consumers would share a picture of an online order via social media if it came in unique, branded, or gift-like boxes. 


The rise of social media and influencers has evoked the desire in consumers to share “insta-worthy” moments such as a noteworthy unboxing experience. These moments add invaluable credibility since they come from peers and not the company itself.   

Check out our tips below on how you can create a memorable boxing experience for your brand!  


 #1 It All Starts with the Box 

The box is an important factor when creating an unboxing experience as it is the first thing your customers will see! Opting for a branded box allows you to build brand recognition. Instead, the normal brown packages they receive regularly, your customers will be curious to see what’s inside - and so the excitement of the unboxing experience begins.  


There are loads of things that you can do to make your box stand out aside from adding your branded logo. 


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Glossier utilizes this method in their box to reveal a pink and glossy pop of color that encompasses their brand image. This is an excellent way to play on the certain feelings that colors can evoke such as blue for a calming feeling or purple for a luxurious feeling. 


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Unique Features 

Consider opting a magnetic closure or a handle to add a unique touch to your packaging. Opting for small changes will aid you in creating a box that is uniquely you and can help narrate your story. Additionally, you could venture out and experiment with the overall shape and opening structure of the box. We love how Kylie Skin utilized this method in her advent calendar! 




This speaks volumes to your customers. It lets them know your company’s values and allows them to feel better about their purchase decision. A recent survey from Dotcom Distribution reported that 62% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from brands using sustainable packaging. 


#2 Play Up the Print   

Another great way to elevate your unboxing experience is by using print collateral. This can include a large range of things such as thank you notes, business cards, branded postcards, new product launch brochures, branded stickers, and more! It is a great way to create a more personalized touch as well as to build brand awareness.  


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Provide your customers with fun postcard prints that represent your brand, you’ll be surprised at how many times these things will stick around whether they be used for an actual postcard or displayed around their home for a fun new art piece!  

Another great way to use postcards is to provide your customers with printed instructions if their purchase requires it or even a simple thank you note! This is an excellent way to make your customer feel seen and appreciated for their business, which can go a long way for increasing brand loyalty. 


sifasunny Shop | Redbubble | Cool stickers, Tumblr stickers, Cute laptop  stickers


Stickers are another great way to spice up an unboxing experience. They are an inexpensive addition that will keep your brand top of mind. Plus, who doesn’t love stickers? Stickers often end up slapped onto a hydro flask, which can lead to conversation starters and free word-of-mouth marketing. It’s a win-win! 


Variable Data  

You can provide your customers with unique coupon codes and/or friend referral print collateral that prompts engagement. The likelihood of engagement is much higher when they have a personalized physical invitation as opposed to another email that will easily get lost in their inboxes. 


Sure, you could always send these things digitally, but there is nothing like the feeling of something in your hand. It stands to make a lasting impression to keep your brand top of mind.   

#3 Unique Packaging Materials 


Eco-Friendly Custom Tissue Paper | noissue
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Tissue Paper 

Create the ultimate gift-like unboxing experience with the use of tissue paper! This adds an extra element of suspense and surprise when unboxing. Of course, when using tissue paper, you’ll want to do it right by opting for the custom printed route to really personalize the experience and add an element of luxury.  


Adhesive Materials  

A great way to elevate your packaging materials is to use custom packing tape or labels to seal your box. Whether you opt for a branded logo design, a pop of color, or perhaps an element that gives a sneak peek as to what they can expect inside the box, custom adhesive materials are a great and inexpensive way to liven up the unboxing experience and to help build brand awareness. 


#4 Go the Extra Mile! 


Get creative with the use of sounds and smells! Playing up the use of senses can evoke certain emotions in your customers upon unboxing that can score you some major bonus points. These can play a big role in an experiential unboxing experience that can ultimately elevate your kit, making it stand out from the rest.  


woman in orange shirt with purple flowers on her head


Reach out to prospects with a box filled with baked goods and elevated with that fresh out-the-oven smell. Have a new spring line launching? Design your box so that the smell of freshly cut grass or flowers seeps out upon opening it. If you have a new fall kit launching, play up those cozy fall smells like cinnamon and apple crisp! 



Add the finishing touches to a winter kit by including the sound of sleigh bells or the sound of a crowd cheering for a sport-themed kit. Want your kit to give off the feeling of calm and relaxation? Try utilizing the sounds of waves crashing or a river flowing! The possibilities are truly endless here, but nonetheless, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on your prospects and clients. Plus, creating an experiential unboxing experience with the use of these scenes is a sure way to gain some shares from “insta-worthy” content. 

Here at Lahlouh, we have a structural design team, in-house die shop, and print specialists that can work with you to create the perfect unboxing experience. Curious to learn more?  Fill out a contact us form and one of our specialists will reach out! 

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