January 16, 2023

5 Large Format Products to Elevate your Business

Looking to give your business a fresh new look or create some high-impact marketing tools guaranteed to grab attention? We’ve got you covered. Read on to see our top 5 picks of large-format products to help you elevate your business and increase brand awareness.

Roller Banners

Get instant high-impact print with durable, freestanding roller banners (or retractable banners). This large-format product is a portable and versatile marketing tool that is most commonly used at events, trade shows, and showrooms. Its sleek and lightweight design makes for easy travel and storage, while its durable and high-quality canvas makes for a bold and attention-grabbing piece.

These banners are fully customizable, affordable, and come in a range of sizes and design options. Choose from double-sided, desktop, and extra-wide styles to help take your business to the next level.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Looking to liven up your space? Self-adhesive vinyl is the perfect way to make a statement with options that range from temporary to permanent. Whether your goal is to boost company morale through office design or to communicate your message with customers, this large format product is a must.

Did you know that 76% of millennials feel somewhat or very strongly that office design and aesthetics influence their impression of a company? Upgrade your space today with attention-grabbing window clings, directional floor graphics, and fun wall graphics that reflect your brand.

Free Standing Displays

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These free-standing displays, or cartons, are used in retail environments to hold products and are designed to increase product visibility while boosting brand impact. Commonly made out of cardboard, these POP displays can be moved easily throughout the store to help increase sales.

Get creative and design attention-grabbing displays that reflect your brand or help to communicate your message in a way that makes a statement.

Strut Cards

Strut cards are a cost-effective advertising solution that props up like a picture frame. Take your promotion to the next level with these visually-striking marketing tools that are great for communicating your latest product or short-term promotions. These are ideal for on-shelf or counter displays — think coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, etc. and are laminated to increase their durability and really make your message pop!

Saddle-Stitch Brochures

Whether you are looking to showcase your offerings, display your latest merchandise drop, or share more information about your business, saddle-stitch brochures offer a cost-effective solution. Break through the clutter online and provide your customers with a physical booklet that will enable them to feel more connected to your company and reduce distractions that come with online viewing.

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