February 24, 2022

8 Essentials for the Hybrid Worker 

The last two years have had a significant impact on the way we do business. The once common expectation of a 5-day office work week has now shifted to a hybrid model that doesn’t appear temporary anymore. Though at the surface this sounds like a party (I mean, who doesn’t love working in their pajamas every day and saving on gas?!) it has its downsides.  


Working from home can come with many distractions, whether it be family or that pesky chore that you’ve been putting off that’s staring you in the face. One of the biggest challenges we’ve noticed is creating an optimal workspace. Now that it’s become clear that WFH is here to stay, we’ve rounded up all the best gear to help you give yourself the advantage. These products will make working from home a breeze and free up some extra time for the things that matter, like taking your dog out for a walk or actually eating lunch! 


#1 An Ergonomic Laptop Stand  


If there is one item on this list that is a non-negotiable when it comes to cultivating the best WFH space, it’s this. An ergonomic laptop stand can take your whole experience from A to Z, especially if you are working on a laptop. Craning your neck to look down at your screen is exhausting, uncomfortable, and can even lead to some serious negative long-term side effects down the road. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of these ASAP. Your neck will thank you. 


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#2 Noise-canceling Headphones  


Don't let distracting noises keep you from getting your work done. Noise-canceling headphones can transport you into the optimal work headspace. No need for the awkward roommate confrontation asking them to turn their music or the kid’s cartoons interrupting your workflow. 


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#3 Happy Daylight Desk Lamp 


Combat seasonal depression with this daylight lamp that offers options of white, natural, and warm light to provide you with your daily boost of sunshine. Sunlight regulates our moods, body cycles, and can help to keep us feeling energized and focused. With so many of us spending more time indoors these days, it’s important to make sure our bodies are getting what they need. Not to mention, some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a space filled with lots of natural sunlight. This compact desk lamp is the perfect addition to your at-home workspace and will help you to keep your mood and energy levels up throughout the day. 


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#4 Wireless Charging Plate   


Wireless chargers ensure you are ready no matter where you choose to work. Don't let low battery warnings break your focus. This Courant Essentials CATCH:1 wireless charger is the perfect low-profile solution that is designed to stay put and in place. Made to work best in locations where space saving is a top priority, this wireless charger will be the perfect addition to your home office desk. This charger is wrapped in designer-quality Belgian Linen and durable ABS coating to effortlessly blend in, wherever it’s placed. Don’t get caught unprepared with a low battery or drowning in cords. This office essential is a must! 



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#5 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad   


Streamline your desk and make charging your device while you work easy with this integrated wireless charging mouse pad. This genius and sleek design by Easton offers a 2-in-1 solution for your workspace needs which means a less-cluttered desk area. This mouse utilizes anti-slip base technology and is compatible with most devices that are capable of wireless charging. Don't let low battery warnings or a makeshift mouse pad break your focus. This office essential is a must! 



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#6 A Quality Reusable Water Bottle  


Hydration can be the leading cause of distraction. Keeping a bottle on deck with maximum temperature control can help. We love this one by CORKCICLE because it's durable, designer-approved, and goes where glass can’t. Ice lasts for days in this travel-friendly bottle. Don’t get caught drinking out of a boring glass or plastic water bottle. Set yourself up for a day full of success, where keeping hydrated comes easy. This bottle is triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed, and BPA free among other things. Don’t let room temperature water disrupt your flow, keep your beverage ice-cold for a full 25 hours or hot for up to 12 hours! 





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#7 Multi-port USB Adapter  


We’ve all been in a situation where you need more USB ports than your computer has available. Make sure you’re always prepared for those busier days with a multi-port USB adapter on hand. We love this compact. Easily turn one USB port into four and sync data at faster speeds (up to 5Gbps). This accessory is a must-have for the days when you find yourself working with an external hard drive, flash drive, wireless keyboard, mouse, and more. 


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#8 Temperature Control Mug  

There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of your coffee only to realize that it’s cold. Not only is it a total mood killer, but it’s also a distraction when you’re in the zone. And let’s face it, reheated coffee is never as good. Save your focus and gain extra hours of warm coffee-sipping with the Ember Mug. Designed for home or office, this mug does more than simply keep your coffee hot. With its smart technology, the Ember Mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold.  



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