September 22, 2022

Choosing The Right Large Format Printing Product

There are a few considerations that need to be made when choosing a large format product. Before moving into production, your print specialist will normally ask about the 3 topics below to better understand your needs. Having these answers ready when reaching out will make the quoting and production process more seamless and ensure that you have the perfect end product for your needs.

Outdoor or Indoor

Whether your print piece will be indoor or outdoor is something to consider when choosing the right LFP product. An outdoor project will require different materials than an indoor project due to different environmental factors. For example, extreme weather such as heat waves, rain, or snow is something to consider that can negatively impact the quality and lifespan of your piece. Some ways we see LFPs accommodate for weather is by adding wind slits or vinyl mesh to outdoor banners so that air can travel through more easily, increasing its lifespan.

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It's also important to consider the stress and/or wear and tear that your graphics will face. Is your message going to be on a wall or on the floor? Is it going to be in a high-traffic area or will it be free from disruption? For example, a directional signage floor graphic used in a coffee shop during the pandemic would be in a high-traffic area and would require a highly durable material. You would also need to replace them more frequently than you would if it was not in a high-traffic area.


The distance from which your audience will be viewing your graphic is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing your LFP product. Is your audience going to be viewing from a further distance? A banner might just be your answer. Additionally, this will help you with determining the correct font type and DPI (resolution) that your original file should be in order to produce a high-quality graphic. For instance, when your audience will be up close to your graphic, you’ll want to opt for a higher DPI than you would if they would be viewing your graphic from further away. If you have questions about DPI or need assistance, our design partner, Rev One Design, can assist.

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We know there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right product. Our experts are here to help so that your next project will be one for the books! In the world of large format printing, the possibilities are truly endless.

Have questions about large format printing or got a project that you’d like to see quoted? Reach out here and we will connect you with a specialist based on your needs.

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