February 27, 2023

Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Mark your calendars! Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner on March 3rd. This unofficial holiday aims to bring attention to the valuable contributions that employees bring to the workplace and offers the perfect opportunity to show them some well-deserved recognition. Showing employees appreciation goes a long way in developing connections and helping to boost engagement, retention, productivity, and morale. If you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered (no matter your budget).

Personalized Candle

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Candles are a great way to say thanks on a budget. You can even elevate them with a personalized label that reads a short message like “Thank You!” or “You’re a Star!”. Your employees will think of you every time they light it and it will also make a great addition to any office, workspace, or home. If small token gifts are your preference, this one might be your winner. We love these custom candles from Numo with options for custom labels or direct print.

A Sweet Treat

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Write your thank you message on these melt-in-your-mouth, buttery vanilla shortbread cookies from DeLight Patisserie. Everyone loves a pick-me-up snack to pair with their afternoon coffee so you can’t go wrong with this treat. It is the perfect gift to be included in a gift box or on its own for a small thank you.

A Company Luncheon

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What better way to celebrate your people than with a great meal and maybe some dessert too? Turn your employee appreciation gift into a mini celebration with some office catering or take your team out for a special lunch! People love to be fed and this is a great way to give them another opportunity to strengthen their relationships in the workplace and create more memories. Pizza party anyone?

A Workspace Upgrade

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Employees are the backbone of our companies and their daily hard work has a direct impact on the success of our businesses. Show your employees how much you value their dedication with a gift that will improve their overall working experience. If your budget allows for it, consider gifts like a desk or chair upgrade to make their work week a lot more comfortable. After all, the average person spends one-third of their life at work. You could also consider smaller upgrades like an ergonomic mouse or keyboard. Similarly, something as simple as a new work mug or office essentials could make all the difference in their day-to-day.

Hot & Cold Eye Mask

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Gifts for the body and mind are trending and for good reason. People want to feel replenished after working those long hours. Help them with the wind-down process with gifts that focus on wellness. Think of items like essential oil diffusers, air purifiers, guided journals, sound machines, and more. We love this hot and cold eye mask from Ostrich Pillow. It provides thermal therapy and gentle pressure for natural, instant relief from eye strain, muscle tension, and stress after a long day. Your employees will thank you for it!

Upgraded Company Gear

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Is your company gear a bit outdated? Give your employees a refresh with new modern styles that they will be proud to reach for every day. Think of items like comfy crewnecks, trendy totes, and sleek tumblers for when they are on the go.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

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Having a yummy drink in hand is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It has the power of making any activity that much more enjoyable, whether they are working or lounging. The problem is not everyone can find the time to run over to a coffee shop during the day. Cut out that extra step by gifting them all the essentials they’ll need to whip up a cafe-quality drink right from their home (or office).  We love these LUXE sugar cubes from Teaspressa. Each cube is handcrafted using all-natural ingredients and can be used in coffee, tea, liquor, or bubbly to instantly elevate your drink!

Be sure to check out our newest Employee Appreciation Gift Guide for more Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day (or anytime you feel like showing your people some love).

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