March 23, 2023

Top Marketing Trends of 2023

Every year at Lahlouh we host a spring and fall pop-in where we showcase the hottest trends in print and branded merchandise. With 40+ years of experience helping customers achieve their marketing goals, we have the tools to help you elevate your campaign strategy to create a lasting impact.

Our next event falls on April 12th this year and will be hosted at our Burlingame headquarters. This spring, our theme is centered around the top marketing trends of 2023 and helping you to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

We’d love for you to join us! Come and get inspired for your future campaigns by browsing our curated collection of trending branded merch and print samples. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet with our team of specialists and enjoy some complimentary snacks and merch to take home with you. You can reserve your spot here (psst, it’s free).

In the meantime, read on to learn more about the top marketing trends in 2023 and see which most closely aligns with you and your company.

Conscious Gifting

We’ve noticed the trend of conscious gifting continue well into 2023. Brands are moving away from "disposable swag" style items and gifting more intentionally with cause and purpose. We are seeing more buyers prioritize quality and company values when choosing their branded merchandise.

Key trends within conscious gifting include opting for sustainable and eco-conscious products with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Those that lean into this trend look to support companies owned by minorities, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community or that support cause-based initiatives.

Brand First Merchandise

Brand first merchandising refers to creating moments that focus on your brand as the star of the show. Companies who practice brand-first merchandising don’t feel the need to slap a popular brand name on their merch in order to increase their perceived value. They believe that their name is enough on its own. Consider big industry leaders such as Google or Apple — they are prime examples of this. Any giveaway products purchased by these companies will always have their brand as the focal point.

Key trends within brand first merchandising include focusing on quality, industry-leading products, and showcasing your brand at the forefront of everything. Companies who follow this trend believe that whatever they give away is a direct reflection of their brand and should align with the standard and reputation that it holds.

Impactful Gifting

Companies who practice impactful gifting understand the value of branded merchandise but are not looking to spend their whole budget on the next big thing. The key demographic is made up of smart shoppers and bootstrappers. They focus less on trends and more on getting the biggest bang for buck.

Key trends within impactful gifting include sticking to the classics that are proven to work and providing value without having to break the bank.

Body & Mind

This buying trend gained popularity during the early pandemic when people began prioritizing mental health and self-care. As achieving a healthy work/life balance continues to be a priority, we are seeing companies lean towards products that reduce burnout and increase overall happiness and morale in the workplace.

Key trends within this theme include products for health, wellness, and lifestyle— think of items that will ultimately make their lives easier or improve their quality of living. As for within the workplace, we’ve seen an emphasis on improved ergonomics and tools to encourage movement.

Moving Towards Meta

Moving towards meta refers to the collective push toward the future, with an emphasis on technology and innovation. Companies that align with this trend are the early adopters, always first in line for the next big thing and new advancements in technology. They are willing to invest the extra dollar to ensure they are operating with the best and the latest.

Key trends within moving towards meta include having a strong online presence and mixing both digital and physical forms of marketing for a stronger impact. We’ve seen this done by utilizing QR codes, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

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