July 6, 2022

12 Ways to Incorporate QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy

By incorporating QR codes you will not only increase your engagement rates, you will also make it easier for your customers to interact with your materials. To help you get started, we put together a list of ways that you can easily use QR codes to increase your conversion rate or the chance that consumer engagement with the advertisement will convert to a sale.

#1 Offer Exclusive Discounts

Placing a QR code on a direct mail piece is a great way to engage the consumer by adding an element of intrigue. Try adding some fun copy like, “scan me to reveal your exclusive offer!” According to the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of consumers prefer traditional mail when it comes to unsolicited offers. 

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#2 Direct Clients to Your Website and Social Media 

QR codes make it easier than ever to connect with consumers. Direct your clients to your website and social media platforms to increase traffic and generate leads by placing a QR code on your print collateral, product packaging, and more! By eliminating the extra work of manually typing out a URL or searching for a social media account, you reduce the chances of distraction taking hold and losing your lead altogether. Not to mention, you get the added benefits of metric tracking so that you can follow up with your leads or utilize this information for targeted ad campaigns. 

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#3 Direct Users to a Video

Directing users to a video through QR codes can have a strong impact and increase the likelihood of brand recall. Whatever the goal of your video, your customers will be sure to love this fun and interactive touch! Give your customers an inside look at how their product was made or an instructional step-by-step tutorial for how to use your product. Additionally, you could provide them with creative ways that they can reuse their product packaging or tips on how to effectively recycle after use. 

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#4 Share Informative Collateral  

One of the most common ways we see QR codes being used today is for menus. There are many benefits to this, such as the cost of fixing mistakes or making changes to the menu as time goes on (not to mention, it helps a company lower its overall carbon footprint.) QR codes are also great options for company pricing lists so any changes can be updated as quickly as possible. 

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#5 Direct Users to a Landing Page

Whether you place a QR code on a banner, signage by checkout, or on print collateral - directing users to a landing page is an effective way to collect leads while keeping your brand top of mind. 

#6 Easily Book and Secure Appointments

Strategically placing a QR code on signage next to checkout or on a thank you note is a great way to help you secure your client’s next appointment. Sure you could keep things the traditional route by manually placing their desired dates in the books and going back and forth through schedules with them, but allowing them to do it themselves makes things simpler for both parties. 

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#7 Direct Customers to Your Brick and Mortar Store

Want to help your customers find your brick and mortar location easier and encourage them to pop in for a visit? Try adding a QR code to your marketing materials that directs them to the exact GPS coordinates! This will save them the time and effort that it takes to manually type the address in and help ensure you don’t lose their attention in the process.

#8 Generate More Customer Reviews 

Racking up reviews can be a difficult and long process because people don’t typically think to leave one (unless they want to share a negative experience). This can make obtaining a true  reflection of a business difficult at times. To help combat this, placing a  QR code on print collateral that leads users to a review form is a great way to simplify the process. Oftentimes customers who want to write a review don’t purely because they get distracted.

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#9 Showcase Your Sustainability Practices

Place a QR code on your product packaging to give insights into your company's sustainability practices. Everyday consumers are becoming more conscious about where they are spending their hard earned money. Make sure they know that your company is one they can feel good about supporting. According to a survey from McKinsey & Co., 66% of all respondents and 75% of millennial respondents say that they consider sustainability when they make a purchase. Additionally, you can provide them with insights or behind the scenes content of how their product was made, where ingredients were sourced, etc. 

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#10 Contactless Check-Ins 

QR codes are also a great use for contactless check-ins, especially since the start of the pandemic. Not only are they great for making things covid-friendly, but they also save us time by cutting down wait times in line and ultimately improving efficiency and convenience across the board. 

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#11 Fun New Recipes

Placing fun new recipes on your product packaging is a great way to get customers excited and eager about your product. It can also introduce them to more uses for your product so that it makes its way on the grocery list every time. Combine the recipe with a social media campaign where people can share their results to boost engagement and conversion rates.



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#12 Save on Printing Costs 

Working with limited space on your packaging? A QR code is the perfect solution. By putting additional information in a QR code instead of printing it directly on your packaging, you can find yourself saving on printing costs. Alternatively, it's a great option if you want to keep your packaging minimalistic. Just slap a QR code on there and direct them to all the details that don’t need to be on the packaging.


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The possibilities with QR codes are truly endless. Get creative and start utilizing this growing marketing trend today! Create fun and interactive campaigns that your clients will not only love, but will help you make a lasting impact and ensure you stay top of your mind. Curious to learn more about how QR codes can enhance your marketing efforts? Check out our blog post here.


Lahlouh can generate and print static or dynamic QR codes for print collateral, product packaging, branded merchandise, and more! Get in contact with one of our experts today to learn more about what we can do for you through our contact us form. 



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